Welcome all to the home of Ashmore Incorporated, based out of the town of West Wind, in the Nentir Vale.

Commander Kriv Ashmore leads the group.
This dragonborn is a strong willed and loyal leader with a mysterious he cares not discuss.

Wraith is the group’s scout.
This drow is a trickster with a mouth that tends to get him in trouble almost as much as his sticky fingers. He also wants you all to know that “If you like sandwhiches come roll with me.”

Ancalime is the group’s brains.
This eladrin wizard has a strong disliking for the drow, but tolerates Wraith for some reason.

Darrak Kerngarde is the group’s brawn.
This hard drinking dwarf has a temper that isn’t to be messed with and a wit as sharp as his axe.

The Bleeding

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