The Bleeding

Keep on the Shadowfell - Session 1

Keep on the Shadowfell
Session 1

DM: Koellner

PCs: Tim as Ancalime
Jon as Darrak Kerngarde
Bill as Commander Kriv Ashmore
Dan as Wraith

Our story begins at the Headquarters of Ashmore Incorporated, at the town of West Wind. The troupe is sitting there, waiting for a job. It’s been three weeks since Commander Ashmore has put this band together, and still no job. Finally, there is a jingle from the bell above the door. In enters Parle Cranewing, a local cartogropher and historian. Through his studies he came across the story of a keep guarding a rift to the Shadowfell. He was able to place the keep somewhere near the town of Winterhaven. He asks the group if they would be willing to travel to Winterhaven, locate the keep and map it out, as he has meeting to attend to at the capital. Wraith, the troupe’s drow trickster and thief, asks him how much he is willing to offer and scoffs at the price of 250g. Cranewing says he can’t go any higher, and Wraith declines the job. No sweat off his back, Cranewing leaves. Wraith decides to follow the man and attempts to pickpocket him. Stumbling on a stone as he does so, the normally dexterous Wraith alerts Cranewing who then calls out for the guard. Wraith quickly dashes into an alleyway where he essentially disappears.

The guards enter the headquarters and the troupe informs them that Wraith went out after the job and hasn’t been seen since. It’s then that Marla, a young priestess and occult savant from the local church of Pelor, walks in. Having shared some previous discussion and discourse with the Dragonborn holy man, Commander Kriv, she walks up to him. She explains that she has been studying death cults of Orcus and their recent activities. She has been following one as they make their way west, towards Winterhaven. This didn’t really raise any alarms for her at the time, but then she stumbled upon a piece of information that sounded some internal alarms. Winterhaven was a town that built up a couple hundred years ago around the Keep at the Shadowfell. Since then, the keep has fallen into ruins and it’s original purpose, to safeguard the rift between here and the Shadowfell realm, lost. Though the old empire’s arcane spells have lasted long enough, even they wear away with time. Marla fears that the cultists plan on breaking open the rift again. She asks Kriv if he and his newly formed company would be willing to go scout out there area and cofirm her suspicions… and if they are true, eliminate the cultists. Kriv, Darrak, and Ancalime decide to take the job for 350g.

Ancalime and Kriv decide it would be best to apologize for Wraith’s actions and they go to the cartographer’s guild and do so. They also take the job and upon going back to their headquarters, they meet up with a crying woman. Realizing who the woman is, wife of famed, local explorer Douven, the Eladrin, Ancalime, comforts her, asking her what is wrong. She explains that Douven heard tell of a dragon’s nest not far from here… about a 5 day’s march. She left a couple weeks ago… and he should have been back by now. She fears the worst. Kriv says that the group is headed that way anyway and will ask around and see what they can find.

The troupe leaves West Wind, off to adventure and complete their first job. It’s an easy five day walk with no incident. That is until the troupe was roughly 2 miles away from town. Wraith, scouting ahead notices some shifty, lizard like creatures, hiding behind some boulders. He marks the dirt road to inform the rest of the group. And then hides in the shadows awaiting the ambush. The dwarf sees the mark, and grasps his warhammer tightly in his fist. Eight kobolds jump out, two of them carrying shields and one with a sling.

Wraith is the first to act. Quickly he sneaks up on some unsuspecting kobolds and jabs his dagger deeply into it’s back, evicersating it. Not to be outdone, the dwarf Darrak brings his warhammer down on a shieldbearer, only to have it glance off. The slinger hurls a ceramic jar of alchemical fire, lighting the wizard up. The wizard retaliates, clapping his hands and sending the kobolds flying back. The drow and the dwarf quickly dispatch of the shield-bearers and 3 of the minions, while the dragonborn and the eladrin take out the slinger and the rest of the minions, albeit being lit on fire.

After a quick rest, the group decides to follow the kobold tracks south figuring they could hit up Winterhaven later. After a few miles they come across a waterfall, kobolds sitting around. Wraith sneaks up stealthily, but it was to no avail as the rest of the group is too loud. Again they are surrounded by the ugly lizard things. But this time they easily made mince meat of them all. They decide to make camp for the evening, the watches handled by the drow and the eladrin. The next morning, after hearing voices from behind the waterfall, they investigate.

Upon entering they are swarmed by 13 more kobolds. Minions and slingers go down, the party now familiar enough with their tactics. But that was before a goblin named Irontooth and a kobold priest enter the fray. Upon that site, the dwarf reveals his power and natural fury. His skin becomes iced over and frost tips his apendages. Irontooth, not scared flies into battle. The whole while the cleric and wizard bombard sheild bears with magic missiles and sacred flames, and the rogue does his part to take out the priest. Ancalime chants the mystic words of Aracana and puts everyone to sleep except Irontooth. Wraith takes avantage of the situation and sneaks up behind the priest while he’s asleep. The priest wakes up to a dagger in his chest. After getting a solid stab in, the priest isn’t looking to good. He opens his mouth and spouts out flame, bloodying the rogue. Wraith is able to finish off the priest before being dropped by a spear from a kobold. Magic missiles and sacred flames finish off all the little kobolds, leaving only Irontooth. Kriv places his hand on Darrak shoulder, giving the hearty dwarf all the power he can, but it wasn’t enough. Darrak takes a battleaxe to side, sending him to unconciousness. Irontooth turns in a blood crazed rage to the wizard. Slashing furiously and wildly. The eladrin is able to avoid the mad goblin’s strikes and claps his hands again in a thuderous cacophony. Irontooth gets flung back, his rage only increasing. He looks and sees Commander Kriv kneeling over Darrak and he dashes at him, bringing his axe down, heavy on Kriv shoulder. Wincing, Kriv chants a prayer, and glow forms in the palm of his golden scaled hand. With all his might he presses his hand forward and a lance of light pierces through Irontooth’s heart.

Panting, the party rests before looting the bodies. They find a chest and a key, but Wraith doesn’t need no stinking keys, he’s got that chest popped open already. Inside they find gold and a chainshirt.

End of Session 1

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